We love to support other people and projects that we believe in. As part of our own personal giving plan, we offer our time and ideas to other people for free. And we focus on giving as much support as possible to women, people of color, and LGBT+ people. As a lesbian couple, supporting people in the LGBT+ community is especially important to us.

AOC Rainbow Scholarship

Women, people of color, and members of the LGBT+ community have to work extra hard to gain the same levels of success as other individuals. We take financial independence seriously, knowing that it has the power to help people overcome complex social and economic barriers. To this end, we have created The All Options Considered Rainbow Scholarship for individuals that we believe deserve our support in their efforts towards financial independence.

Financial Coaching

We’re just regular people, who love to talk about personal finance, and all things money. We love spreadsheets and crunching numbers, and we love talking about money with other people. We used to be very active mentors during our careers, and now that we are retired we want to to keep offering ourselves as mentors and coaches to other people. We want to keep learning about personal finance ourselves. We also want to share our ideas about handling debt, investing, and managing money for other people to consider.