Links and Tools

Tools and Resources

As financially independent nomads we have some calculators and other tools that we use constantly and share with other people. Some of the links below are free web tools and others are things we have created free accounts to use. But we do not pay any fees or costs to use any of these tools and resources (none of these are affiliate links).

Accounts and Memberships

We also have some accounts and memberships that we use as full-time nomads and share with other people because they are such a huge part of our lives right now. Some of these links below are affiliate links, others are just links to company websites (not affiliate links).

Here’s some info about the accounts we use most:

  • We pay for one global cell phone plan from Google Fi (and we still drag our old iPhones around and use them on wifi since they have no active cell plans anymore).
  • We use ProtonVPN for security on our phones and computers.
  • All of our postal mail is received through Traveling Mailbox.
  • For housing we use a very short list of options including Hilton Hotels booked with points, properties booked with points or dollars, Airbnb homes booked with dollars, or we agree to pet/house sit for free.
  • And since Ali is obsessed with genealogy and has a very blended DNA pool, she uses 23andMe every month and is always looking for cousins and connections around the world.
  • As for the credit cards, we are mostly using Chase cards at this point. All of our credit cards were selected based on their travel rewards programs and signup bonuses, and we use these cards strategically to accumulate travel rewards points.

Our Affiliate Links

Note: Most of these are affiliate links but some are just links to company websites (not affiliate links).

BY THE WAY – If you use any of the above affiliate links to create an account, we may receive an affiliate commission. If you do use any of these affiliate links to create your own account or make a purchase that means you are helping us with our website costs AND WE THANK YOU!