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Tools and Resources

Personal Finance

Financially independence and early retirement are some of our favorite topics. We love to talk to our friends and family about money, and when we do we reference our favorite tools and calculators. Some of the links below are free web tools and others are things we have created free accounts to use. We do not pay any fees to use any of these tools (and none of these are affiliate links).


Our process for picking travel locations starts with choosing a region we want to spend a few months in. Then we dial down into the different countries within that region and do some research on those, and once we have our top choice of countries we look into the cities within those places. Research topics include history, government, politics, human rights, civil rights, tourism and its impacts on the local culture, cost of living, health and wellness, etc. The following websites are what we use for destination research (none of these are affiliate links).

Accounts and Memberships

We also have some accounts and memberships that we use as full-time nomads and share with other people because they are such a huge part of our lives right now. Some of these links below are affiliate links.