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Traveling Again During COVID-19

We’re flying to England today! It feels a little crazy to say out loud (or write) that we are flying to England today. COVID-19 is not yet under control, and it may not be for a long time to come. But we have decided to get on a plane and move to a new location […]

Buying a House After FIRE (and COVID-19)

This year has been strange! We are lucky the year has only been strange for us, and not devastating like 2020 has been for so many others. Our 2020 losses are mainly a series of well designed plans that have fallen apart due to travel restrictions, and due to regular life planning in an irregular […]

Learning More About LGBT+ Personal Finance

Alison and I both enjoy telling our money stories, but more than that we appreciate hearing other people tell their stories. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. Too many LGBT+ people have described feeling excluded from the world of personal finance and not at all free to focus their time and money on preparing for […]

Announcing the AOC Rainbow Scholarship!

Supporting financial education and relief for women, people of color, and members of the LGBT+ community Because of COVID-19 we have had a lot of extra time this year to think about what we want to do with our time and our money. And we are also doing a lot of listening. We are both […]

Posts We Love

What’s Your Why for FI?

In the FIRE community one question that gets asked all the time is, what’s your why for FI? We each have our own motivation to change our approach to life and money and stop following the pack. Shortly after Ali and I made that decision in June of 2017 I asked Ali this question, “Why […]

Home is More Than Just Housing

We are not certified professionals. For more information about us please read our Disclaimer. When we decided to retire early we took the opportunity to look closely at our housing options moving forward. We took a deep dive into both our personal needs regarding a home of our own, and also into what we could afford […]

Avoiding the RMD Cliff

We are not certified professionals. For more information about us please read our Disclaimer. While we were still working our W-2 jobs I asked the experts questions like “Should I invest more in my 401k, or my Traditional IRA, or my Roth? Should I focus more on one account over another?” And the response was always […]

Outline Your Goals in a Personal Money Statement

We are not certified professionals. For more information about us please read our Disclaimer. Ask Yourself – Can We Go It Alone? We have been managing our own investments and money for a while now. It has definitely taken us some time (years) to build the confidence we needed to go it alone. The process became […]