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We are Ali and Alison Walker. We met in 2004, married in 2006, and retired in 2018. We love spreadsheets and crunching numbers, and we love talking about all things money with other people. READ MORE…

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Even though our posts all have a main author, we edit for each other and we truly write every post together. Our goal is to share our stories, connect with other people, and talk to everyone we can about personal finance and financial independence. We hope one of our posts is useful for you. Please let us know what you think! READ MORE…

U-Hauling Again!

You know the old joke, “What does a lesbian bring on the second date?” It’s a U-Haul! I brought the first U-Haul into our relationship back in 2005. It wasn’t on our second date though, I waited six whole months after we started dating to bring the U-Haul (the equivalent of five years in lesbian […]

Our Post-FIRE Storage Unit Story

We decided we wanted to try living as nomads after we reached FIRE (financial independence / retire early) in 2018. Alison retired in April of 2018 and I gave notice three months later. We moved out of our 760 square foot condo in October of 2018 and sold it so we could leave our career-focused […]

2020 Spending and Portfolio Review

2020 was weird. Writing about personal spending and portfolio growth after such a problematic year feels less interesting than it has in the past. But there are good reasons why these are among the most typical topics in the FIRE (financial independence / retire early) community. Despite how tough last year was for many people […]

Health (and Wealth) Insurance

Our health insurance plan for 2021 is set! It was fascinating to take a couple of cold winter months to review a few options and get to a plan we felt comfortable with. The personal details we focused on for our research included living full time in the USA this year (instead of being international […]

Posts We Love

What’s Your Why for FI?

In the FIRE community one question that gets asked all the time is, what’s your why for FI? We each have our own motivation to change our approach to life and money and stop following the pack. Shortly after Ali and I made that decision in June of 2017 I asked Ali this question, “Why […]

Home is More Than Just Housing

When we decided to retire early we took the opportunity to look closely at our housing options moving forward. We took a deep dive into both our personal needs regarding a home of our own, and also into what we could afford on our retirement budget. What we discovered about ourselves and our new retirement […]

Avoiding the RMD Cliff

While we were still working our W-2 jobs I asked the experts questions like “Should I invest more in my 401k, or my Traditional IRA, or my Roth? Should I focus more on one account over another?” And the response was always “Well it depends on what your tax bracket will be in the future […]

Outline Your Goals in a Personal Money Statement

Ask Yourself – Can We Go It Alone? We have been managing our own investments and money for a while now. It has definitely taken us some time (years) to build the confidence we needed to go it alone. The process became much easier for us once we found all the amazing information online from […]