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We are Ali and Alison Walker. We met in 2004, married in 2006, reached financial independence (FI) in 2017, and retired (RE) in 2018. We love spreadsheets and crunching numbers, and we love talking about all things money with other people. READ MORE…

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Even though our posts all have a main author, we edit for each other and we truly write every post together. Our goal is to share our stories, connect with other people, and talk to everyone we can about personal finance and financial independence. We hope one of our posts is useful for you. Please let us know what you think! READ MORE…

Hey! Wanna Stay in Portugal for a Month for Free?

We got an exciting message from some FIRE friends who moved from the USA to Portugal this year. Their message came out of the blue in WhatsApp asking if we’d be open to pet and house sitting in Lisbon! This post contains affiliate links. For more information read our Disclaimer. Alison and I read that first […]

Lessons Learned from Talking Money Part 1, Remembering Asha

Wow this post is an emotional one for us! Here goes… We’re always intrigued and excited when we hear from someone new for the first time. We wonder how they found us and what made them want to reach out to us, but mostly we’re curious to know what their story is and how we […]

Talking Money with Peta and Jonas from Exit45 Travels

No matter how unique we are, we can always learn something new about money and about life from other people. And listening to other people tell their money stories helps to support them in reaching their personal finance goals. We’ve gotten so much out of our money conversations that we decided to start our Talking […]

Airstream Basecamp Trips Part 1, with Training Wheels!

On January 5 of this year we found an RV dealership with a new 2022 Basecamp 16x on the lot. Basecamp trailers are not easy to find these days, new or used, so we were thrilled to find this one after only a few weeks of searching. We picked up our new travel trailer on […]


We’ve been interviewed or featured in stories by some of our personal finance friends and some media organizations as well. Each of these interviews and features were fun for us to participate in, including the live chat with Motley Fool linked below! READ MORE…

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Allocation Strategies (Part 5: Allocation and Rebalancing)

Wow, time really does fly by! It’s been a minute since I finished Part 4 in this allocation strategies series, focused on efficient fund placement. But I have a surprise for you! Since we’ve reached Part 5 of this series it’s time for me to give you all a new tool to use on your […]

Allocation Strategies (Part 1: Money Jobs and Budgeting)

Every year in May we review our portfolio and take care of any major rebalancing that’s needed including changing, adding, or dropping funds. During our first full calendar year in retirement as May rolled around and it was time to rebalance we couldn’t find tools that worked the way we wanted without buying a subscription. […]

News From the AOC Compound

Somewhere back in our ancient history (around 2014?) we started dreaming with a close friend about building a queer compound. For this post we’ll try to protect our friend’s anonymity and call him Markus. We’ve probably had the “queer compound conversation” with all of our closest friends over the years, but with this one friend […]

What’s Your Why for FI?

In the FIRE community one question that gets asked all the time is, what’s your why for FI? We each have our own motivation to change our approach to life and money and stop following the pack. Shortly after Ali and I made that decision in June of 2017 I asked Ali this question, “Why […]

Avoiding the RMD Cliff

While we were still working our W-2 jobs I asked the experts questions like “Should I invest more in my 401k, or my Traditional IRA, or my Roth? Should I focus more on one account over another?” And the response was always “Well it depends on what your tax bracket will be in the future […]

Outline Your Goals in a Personal Money Statement

Ask Yourself – Can We Go It Alone? We have been managing our own investments and money for a while now. It has definitely taken us some time (years) to build the confidence we needed to go it alone. The process became much easier for us once we found all the amazing information online from […]