Paris 2018

10 days in Paris! We practiced slowing down and living in a neighborhood (the 11th). And we had visitors! Ali’s sister Mona came to stay with us a for few days, and then our friend Eric came over for the day from London, and we also spent a day with our friends David and Dean who we met in Beaune in 2016!

Paris 2016

This was our first trip to Paris and we stayed for a week. The best part was celebrating Alison’s birthday with our friends Peter and Joey since Alison and Peter share the same birthday!

Beaune 2016

We only had 4 nights in Beaune – but absolutely fell in love with the place and can’t wait to go back! The best part was the amazing cooking class where we made some wonderful new friends!

Amboise 2016

This is a fabulous place to stay when touring the Loire Valley. We are looking forward to going back!

Chenonceaux 2016

This is a stunning chateau to visit. This little spot has seen its share of romance and drama. They say it’s the most visited and the most photographed chateau in France and we can totally see why! Loved it!

Chambord 2016

We stopped at Chambord on a long driving day when we were on our way from Amboise to Beaune. Our stop here just happened to take place right after we had a little collision with a cement pier at a gas station after seven hours of driving. So we were glad to take a break but our driver, Alison, wasn’t having the most fun here. Our motivation for stopping was taking a break and seeing the double helix staircase that was apparently designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

Chinon 2016

We really enjoyed our 3 nights in Chinon. It’s a gorgeous little village with an amazing amount of character and history.

Dinan 2016

This was our only stop in Brittany and we loved this little village. We are really excited to see more of this place and the region in the future.

Mont Saint Michel 2016

We stayed overnight on Le Mont – and it was absolutely amazing! Once the gates closed there were only a couple dozen people on the island. We walked the ramparts during sunset and sunrise and strolled around every square inch of the place. Life changing!

Normandy / D-Day Beaches 2016

We did our own driving tour of the D-Day beach areas of Normandy. We visited Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Juno Beach, Gold Beach, Arromanches, Pointe du Hoc, the American Cemetery, and Caen. As expected, it was a very emotional day for us!