We both read a lot of books, on all kinds of topics! So there’s no way we are going to try to compile a list of all of our favorite books. Instead we will just use this page to highlight some of our favorite books on the topics of Travel, Personal Finance and Investing. Some of these books can be borrowed from libraries or bought directly from their authors. For the sake of simplicity we are listing every book through Amazon since that’s one portal we know where every one of these books is listed with reviews. Below we are first listing Alison’s very long shortlist of her favorite money books. After that long awesome list you’ll find Ali’s shortlist of her favorite Travel books is also included.

Personal Finance and Investing

It was surprisingly helpful for me to expand my financial education through books on personal finance and investing. Being exposed to different viewpoints, experiences, and aspects of money can be confusing and reassuring at the same time. I have found all of the books below through recommendations from others, so now I’m sharing a shortened list of books I have found to be most interesting and informative.

As I mentioned in my “What’s Our Number?” post, I’m dyslexic. So I only read books that I find as unabridged audio books or selectable text on Kindle. It’s surprising how many books are not available yet in audible or text to speech format. The first place I always look is online at the library, and I found many of the books below digitally through libraries. The following list is in no way comprehensive but rather what I have come across in my personal financial journey by following my nose. If you have a book you want to suggest, please add it in the comments. Enjoy!


By Kristy Shen, Bryce Leung


For now I’m going to resist the urge to add links to all of my favorite novels that just happen to be set in places like France or Japan or Scotland. I will also resist the urge to post links to all of my favorite guidebooks. Below are the main travel related books that seemed especially helpful and inspiring for us as we were making plans to live on the road as full-time nomads.

The Adventurer’s Guide to Destination Choices. By Billy and Akaisha Kaderli. This book does an amazing job of comparing Guatemala, Mexico, Thailand, and the USA. I used this book to decide where we should start our life as full-time nomads, and learned a lot about each of these places. This book succeeded in making us want to spend a lot of time in Thailand, Guatemala, and Mexico. And say adios to the USA.

Home Sweet Anywhere: How We Sold Our House, Created a New Life, and Saw the World. By Lynne Martin. This is categorized on Amazon as “senior travel” but it’s a fun read for anyone who loves part-time or full-time travel. We first read this book when we were trying to wrap our minds around the idea of retiring early and possibly traveling full-time. It was exactly what we needed. Lynne’s book is full of great stories about individual destinations, and their personal travel experiences. We both found it to be hugely entertaining. And it gave us a lot of insight about what our nomadic lifestyle might look like.

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter. By Matt Kepnes. Nomadic Matt is one of my favorite travel bloggers and this book is a must have on our nomad book shelf. This was one of the most important reads for us when we were figuring out what we were going to change in our own habits as we transitioned away from being”vacationers” and made the switch to being full-time nomads. This book really reinforces the idea that traveling does not need to be expensive and that traveling can seriously be affordable for anyone. And it was really helpful for me personally to read a book from a nomad out there that was closer to my own age!

Travel as a Political Act. By Rick Steves. We have been enjoying Rick’s TV shows, radio shows, podcasts, walking tours, and travel guides for what seems like forever. His home is near Seattle so we used to think of him as almost a neighbor and a buddy. Since he’s a laid back guy a lot of people think of him that way. Rick really knows how to appreciate other countries, and this book might be the most important thing we have personally gotten from him so far. Americans have a bad habit of believing the US is superior to and safer than the rest of the world. Not true. This book is a remedy for that kind of xenophobia, and a wonderful description of how fulfilling travel can be.

Your Keys, Our Home: The Senior Nomads Incredible Airbnb Journey. By Debbie and Michael Campbell. This is another fabulous book categorized as “senior travel.” It’s also categorized as “budget travel.” This book is not just for seniors and it’s not just for Airbnb owners or users either. This is a really entertaining and informative book about travel and especially about full-time travel. Ironically, these people are also from Seattle! Debbie and Michael are living in Airbnbs and traveling the world as nomads. We have learned so much from them. Their stories are full of travel tips, entertaining foibles, and heartwarming moments. We love this book and their travel blog!