Remember that Time We Almost Joined a Cult???

Here’s the story! We booked an Airbnb for 10 days for an important family gathering. Actually, I picked the Airbnb and booked it myself. I’m taking responsibility for this wacky situation! The plan was to gather Alison’s entire family in one place to celebrate the 80th birthday of Alison’s mom, Libby, over the Christmas holiday in 2018. At the time we were spread across four states since Alison and I had not left Seattle yet. After reviewing tons of ideas for fun destinations both inside and outside the U.S., Libby settled on Sedona for the big gathering since four out of our gang of 11 live in Arizona.

Since my big job (and passion) is to be our travel coordinator I gladly volunteered to find and book the perfect house. Sadly for me, it wasn’t that complicated. The City of Sedona is not that big! It has a population of around 10,000 residents. So how many vacation houses are there in Sedona that can accommodate 11 adults comfortably? Based on our requirements, there are only 5 options on Airbnb. And yes I also checked VRBO and considered hotels. But we all wanted to spend a huge amount of our time during this visit cooking and eating together around one big table so hotels really didn’t fit with what we were looking for. We also wanted the kind of elbow room this tall family needs. To clarify, Alison is 6’2”, her mother Libby is 6’, one of our nephews is 6.5”, and at 5’2” I am by far the shortest person in the family!

From left to right and shortest to tallest: Ali, Libby (Mom), and Alison

We also wanted to have different spaces in the house that people could gravitate to for naps, reading, playing games, and chatting. And we had a rather large Christmas tree to accommodate. After my brief research project I realized there was really only one Airbnb house that was centered in Sedona, met everyone’s hopes and had enough bedrooms and living space for all 11 people for 10 days. So my fun research project was over before I could really dig in!

This is the beautiful rental house I found for us in Sedona. We loved it!

That one house I found is called “Moondance Sedona Sanctuary.” After showing off the photos to Libby and getting her usual high level of enthusiasm about the idea, I booked the house. I used our Chase Sapphire Reserve card of course. POINTS!

Alison and I made our plans for getting ourselves to Sedona in December. Coincidentally, at the same time we were also working hard on preparations for leaving our home in Seattle to start a new life of full-time travel. Making the logistics for everything all jive was a bit complicated, but all-in-all it was still relatively easy for us to figure things out.

Alison and I arrived in Arizona a week before the big gathering, and we drove to Sedona with her mom a few days earlier than the rest of the clan to get the party started. We had a fabulous time walking the property, checking out every room in the house, picking our bedrooms, and imagining which bedrooms the rest of the family would choose for themselves.

Libby’s 80th birthday celebration was wonderful and so were her two favorite cakes!

And truly – we all had an amazing time together in Sedona! Having everyone together for that long was such a treat! Every night we enjoyed our favorite family dinners. Every day we took walks and enjoyed the outdoors. We all played games and talked and laughed. And personally I think that was probably my all-time favorite Christmas experience as an adult.

After about a week at the house, with the big birthday party and Christmas behind us, we had a visit from a Sedona resident (the sister of one of Alison’s brothers-in-law. This lady drove up to our Airbnb and immediately announced that we were staying in a house owned by a rather infamous cult led by someone called “Gabriel of Sedona.” Huh??? And then she took us out for a fabulous hike at Red Rock State Park.

Red Rock State Park is a beautiful place for a long walk with the family!

Yep. So this guy Gabriel (not his real name) was eventually “encouraged to leave Sedona” so they are all in another part of Arizona now. She told us about a close friend who became heavily involved in the cult and of course that was a sore subject for her. So even though Gabriel is gone from Sedona their businesses are still thriving in Sedona, putting money in their accounts, and also serving as active recruiting tools for the cult. That was the moment that we realized our Airbnb dollars were basically all donated to the cult. Hellfire!

That night we decided to watch the 1998 Dateline story about Gabriel and his cult. Here’s a link to the show on YouTube in case anyone is curious.

Midway through the Dateline show Alison’s mom shook her head and said, “The things you see when you haven’t got your gun.” Which prompted a round of hysterics from me and Alison. This is an old saying in Alison’s family. We hear that and we immediately start laughing. Alison’s mom is quoting her grandmother with this saying, who she called Mother Packer. I can imagine Alison’s great-grandmother who lived in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1800’s and can only imagine what sights she saw back then! The stories of Mother Packer are all of a funny and sarcastic woman with a very sharp tongue who wasn’t very domestic at a time when that was a wild trait for a woman.

[Note – if the mention of guns strikes a nerve in you like it does in me, keep in mind that for me this old family saying is a snapshot from a distant time and I keep it separate from America’s current gun culture crisis.]

This is a photo of Alison’s great-grandmother, Mother Packer. We aren’t sure of the exact date but we know she was living in Berkeley, California and this was taken around the end of the 1800s.

So wow, we just gave a rather large pile of cash to this Gabriel of Sedona character who now goes by Gabriel of Urantia since he left Sedona. Hellfire!!! After watching the Dateline show we toured the house again with new eyes. The only books in the house were written by Gabriel, and all of the tourism brochures are for their own tour company (recruiting tool). All of the groovy spiritual touches around the house started to seem pretty creepy. Oy vey!

Well. Now what? We are all very conscientious about how we spend our money. We would never have intentionally handed over a giant stack of cash to this cult. But what’s done is done. From now on, when I’m researching Airbnb options if the “Host” is a company instead of a person, you can bet I will be sure to research company names from now on. Lesson learned! And we carry on with some amazing memories from our family adventure together in Sedona in 2018, and a funny story to tell!

That’s our family at the Sedona house. I’m trying to gain a few inches and keep up with the kids by standing on a rock!


  1. Reblogged this on Truth Welcome Here and commented:
    Conscientious Individual Regrets Giving Large Pile of Cash To Tony’s Cult! This blog post is a somewhat hilarious and also instructive account about how unsuspecting, well-intentioned folks can end up monetarily supporting Tony’s slave plantation. Airbnb users, take note!

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  2. I’m glad you had a good time and didn’t join! It’s super to read about someone who conscientiously considers what their dollars are supporting. The cult leader Gabriel has millions of dollars in assets, but his followers have nothing. If they want to leave, they leave in dire poverty with nothing. Often they have less than nothing, because he doesn’t pay their debts when they join; so many of them are in default to creditors.

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    • I am joking that we almost joined – no way in hell I would go anywhere near that cult. I was pretty horrified to find out where our money went. And also horrified that they use those businesses to try to recruit new members. When we arrived I noticed the cleaners were in a car that was marked with the same name as the brochures they left behind – that tour group they use for recruiting. We really had no interaction with the group ourselves. Thank goodness. And by the way, congrats on leaving and making a new life for yourself!

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      • I figured you were joking! Yes, I used to work for the cleaning company when I was there. The whole way you wrote this is an excellent use of comic irony. You see the truth, but you also see how others may not see it and may go down the same path you went and end up in tragedy. Some of us that have dealt with the real world effects of Tony’s wrath need a dose of humor once in a while! We all know megalomaniacs can’t handle teasing, so tease away! A bunch of us are trying to bring more awareness to the deceptive tactics they use, so that people know ahead of time what their dollars are supporting.


  3. This was the house I lived in for many years with my father, Gabriel of Urantia. I left his community a year ago and my whole family has exiled me. These photos are nostalgic since they show me the house I lived in with strangers occupying it. I understand your concerns giving money to a money hungry cult. It’s a beautiful home and I am glad you all enjoyed it, but yes, where our money goes is important. I am also very careful where I put my money, so I understand your concern!

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    • Wow – thank you for your comment! Yes the house is beautiful and the whole Sedona area is as well. Sometimes I wish we had found out about the cult before booking that house, but at this point I can only be grateful that our family had such a wonderful time together there since I can’t get our money back. More importantly, I really want to congratulate you for making that change. The more I learn about that cult the more I imagine it would be incredibly difficult to leave and create your own life. Bravo for setting out on your own path!!!

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  4. I have lost family members to this destructive cult. I am glad you enjoyed your time in Sedona and appreciate your remorse over putting coins in their coffers. You didn’t know. And to Lionqueen444, I am wondering if you would consider connecting with me? Anything you might be able to share with me about Fane and family would go a long way to easing my mind about their situation.

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    • Thanks for your comment. Hopefully you can connect with this other person and share some info between you. And I share your hope that your family members and the rest of the followers will walk away from this cult someday! Take care.


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