The Gift of Being Podcast Guests

We were recently guests of the Debt Free Guys™ on their Queer Money® Podcast. The show is Episode 160, “5 Tips for Mastering Geoarbitrage.”

We are definitely more introverts than extroverts, and this podcast was a big deal for us! We built our website and social media platforms so we could share stories about our personal experiences and make sure our friends and family had a way to follow us while we travel, and also as tools for connecting with people and making new friends along the way.

One of the biggest surprises from our full time travels so far, is that our virtual networks have become really important to us. We are always excited when someone makes an effort to connect with us online, and we never turn down an opportunity to talk with people or meet in person with our new internet friends. When someone reaches out to talk with us about FIRE, money, travel, or LGBT+ issues that’s a huge bonus since those are all topics we really care about. Most of these discussions have been email or video chats, but a few have been in person.

The most recent example was when someone in their 20s who is focused on FIRE as an LGBT+ person reached out to us on Facebook. So we squeezed in 4 hours of driving to sit and talk with them for 2 hours about their life and experiences, and ours, over nachos and margaritas in Tucson, AZ the other day. We want to be there for anyone who needs an ear or a friend. The FIRE community is growing, but it can still be isolating. Life can be isolating! We could all benefit from making more connections.

When the Debt Free Guys reached out to us about setting up a time to chat for their podcast, we were thrilled. We like them, we trust them, and we believe in the entrepreneurial goals they have set for themselves, so we were excited to participate. We have really enjoyed watching the Debt Free Guys blossom over the last couple of years, and we are proud members of the Queer Money community that they have poured their hearts and souls into.

When we got their invite we were in Kyoto, Japan and about to travel to Tokyo. We were at the tail end of 5 months in Asia, and we were feeling pretty excited about how our first year as post-FIRE nomads was going. The first thing we realized after we picked a date for the podcast interview was that we would have to go out and buy a microphone. We visited two electronics stores in Kyoto and the second one had a great option to squeeze into our nomad bags. Trying to talk to the sales people about what we wanted was funny, it was definitely one of the harder things we tried to communicate with our very poor Japanese vocabulary and Google Translate. Karaoke microphones are easy to find, but microphones for Skype or podcasting not so much.

Neither of us had ever been interviewed before. And we were nervous, so we asked the Debt Free Guys to give us an idea of the questions they would ask. They sent over 14 questions, and since we are nerds we practiced answering them. A lot. We used our dry erase markers to write on the mirrors and windows in our Tokyo hotel room, and we also got a giant note pad and markers to capture some trigger words that would help us remember what we most wanted to say on each topic.

When we finally had the interview it was 9pm for us in Tokyo, and early morning for the Debt Free Guys back in the US. As they promised, the interview was really more of a conversation between friends, and we didn’t need to worry about it feeling formal or intense. Since it was very conversational there were a couple of questions they asked off the cuff that we were not prepared for, which momentarily caused a bit of a shock for us so we just did our best. As we remind ourselves constantly, we are not experts we are just us!

So all in all, our first (and possibly only) podcast experience was a good one. We really appreciated the Debt Free Guys’ patience and generosity throughout the interview process. We were grateful for the opportunity to tell some of our stories, to make new connections in the FIRE and Queer Money communities, and to get to know the Debt Free Guys a little better.


  1. Hey Ali and Alison! I really, really enjoyed your podcast with the Debt Free Guys! You were so genuine and informative. Alison, I really thought your advice about quantifying your goals, making them more achievable because you have context for financial choices was so simple, yet so wise. And I have to say, I felt kinda stupid when I heard Ali talk about the discriminatory laws some countries have that you must consider when you plan your travel. Of course I know that there are countries like Russia and others and thought those laws are awful, but it didn’t occur to me how they impact people that I’m close to. It made me mad and feel ignorant all at once. I hope you two decide to do some more podcasts if you think they are fun. The conversational style you had with the Debt Free Guys was really engaging and you’re both naturals at it. Oh and PS, “red bottom shoes” are Christian Louboutin shoes and the bottoms of the shoes are red and they are about $1,000/pair. I like a cute pair of shoes for sure, but you will be glad to know that I DON’T have any (although I may have tried at one point, but they may not have had my size). Take care you two!

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    • Thank you so much for this feedback! It is wonderful to get your perspective since we tend to get lost in our heads when we listen to the podcast. We are so grateful to have had this experience as a different way to share our stories. I’m not sure if we’ll do another podcast but hey, you never know! And wow, those shoes. I guess it’s just too bad that they didn’t have your size!!! 😉


  2. Congrats for being podcast guests on such great podcasts. I’m obsessed with listening to them so I’ll have to track yours down:)

    I really resonate with this quote in your article:

    “The FIRE community is growing, but it can still be isolating. Life can be isolating! We could all benefit from making more connections.”

    I have my first one as a guest coming out soon. I spent so many days after it going over what I said, obsessing about how I could have said it better, wondering if I sounded pretentious, etc. Just goes to show what a hot button psychological issue money is. I’ve been used to writing about it, but not actually TALKING about it.

    I re

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    • Yes! Definitely the main reason now that we are spending any time on the blog and social media is to make new connections and chat with our buddies. Congrats on your first podcast! If you listen to ours let us know what you think! I was the same way between the day we recorded and the day the podcast came out, obsessing over what I said and how I said it. When I finally heard our podcast it was funny because it was so different in reality from what was actually recorded! LOL! Looking forward to hearing your podcast when it comes out. 🙂


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