Our Motley Fool Interview, a Financial Independence Circle Completed!

We did a Motley Fool Live interview!

We started talking with a team of people at Motley Fool back in July because they are launching a public charitable foundation — The Motley Fool Foundation — with a general north star of helping the world prepare to invest. The Motley Fool is beginning to write an important chapter of the company’s 27-year history, and we were excited to be asked to get involved. Most of our conversations were with Megan, the person charged with the task of helping to determine how their foundation can specifically serve the LGBTQ community. But we got to interact with a whole team of people who are at the core of Motley Fool, and their new foundation.

So we started our new Zoom relationship with Megan and the team at Motley Fool. We discussed the unique financial challenges facing the LGBT+ community, and we all had a lot to say. It was clear from the beginning that they are taking this topic and all things related to money and the LGBT+ community very seriously. After a couple of back to back group discussions with Megan and her team we were all ready to go into our corners and do some good work. On our way back to our own corner, we asked Megan if there was anything else we could do to help support their efforts back at Motley Fool. And the reply was that since we had told them they need more LGBT+ content in their channels, they wanted to do a live chat with us. Which sent us into personal finance bliss!

We have Motley Fool History!

Back in 2004 Alison and I both started listening to Motley Fool Podcasts. We wanted to jump start our financial education and those Motley Fool podcasts were how we got started. That’s how we got our first deep dive into the concepts of individual stock investing. Those podcasts were also how I got motivated to create my own routine for researching individual stocks and choosing stocks that interested me. We were each listening to Motley Fool podcasts every week, but Alison took it to another level by listening to every podcast they had ever done, for many years. We were proud to be part of the Fool Community! Because we felt like they were not just another old fashioned investing vehicle from “your dad’s investment club.”

Motley Fool was creating investing related podcasts that felt appealing to us and people we could relate to. The voices felt new, young, and more diverse than anything else we were seeing out there, and that’s exactly what we needed. Once we had absorbed enough Motley Fool content to start to be able to talk the investing talk, we also took investing focused classes and joined a lesbian investment club. And we read Your Money or Your Life, by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez. And that was our early financial education class list. We were officially in the process of designing a path to financial independence that felt right for us.

The other thing we tried, was attending a series of Fischer investment dinners because Alison’s parents used Fischer to manage their money back then. We thought those dinners would be interesting or informative, and they were free to us through Alison’s parents connection with Fischer, so we figured “why not!” Free dinners and money talk sounded great. But wow those conversations were not at all for us. At all! I think I went to maybe two or three at the very most. Alison went to more of those dinners and took friends along because she wanted to see past the bad politics and look for nuggets of investing gold, but the investing gold was not there. But those dinners did help us appreciate Motley Fool’s material even more!

We found the FIRE movement in 2014, and at that time what we saw was mostly very high income earning software engineers talking about extreme frugality to reach FIRE. In a way they sounded like the new young version of the old investment guys. And what I was hearing did not appeal to me. But through them we found the Mad Fientist Podcast, and that podcast was our real first love in the FIRE movement. We found some amazing new resources to round out our FIRE plans along with some friends in the FIRE community through those Mad Fientist interviews. So we added a couple of new FIRE related podcasts to our routine along with Motley Fool.

Motley Fool really encouraged us to think differently about commonly accepted ideas in personal finance, and we got more of those messages from some voices in the FIRE movement. This combo made a huge difference in our own financial education process.

In a way this recent Motley Fool interview was like closing a perfect circle in the process of our own financial independence history. Last year we met some of our favorite anchors in the FIRE movement at the 2019 Ecuador Chautauqua: Vicki Robin, Paula Pant, Tanja Hester, and Cheryl Reed. This amazing lineup of speakers attracted a really fabulous group of participants that was a great fit for us. We had international participation, more than 50% women, and 25% LGBT+ people. What a group! And now this year we got to work with Motley Fool for the first time, and hopefully not for the last time. The circle of financial independence life!

So that’s our Motley Fool story. We were super excited to be included in the Motley Fool Live! interview series. And we are absolutely thrilled to see Motley Fool making such an effort to get even more diverse, and to support the LGBT+ community in their content and in their bottom line. Being interviewed by Motley Fool was like meeting one of our original money heroes, if a huge organization full of financial wizards can be called a hero. And yes it can – that’s Motley Fool! Here’s what they have to say about their Motley Fool Live! content:

The Motley Fool is bringing its members live daily programming (aka “Motley Fool Live!”) via Zoom to foster Smarter, Happier, and Richer lives. Motley Fool Live! features some of the names and faces you know and love from the Foolish universe, including founders Tom and David Gardner, along with guest interviews with corporate influencers, authors, and other special guests.

And now, here’s the show…

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  1. This is really good… you are becoming so good at sharing important and entertaining information. I hope you realize how valuable this is to folks who don’t know how, or lack the discipline to organize themselves to tackle these issues. This is incredibly encouraging and supportive to how it can be done… and more importantly impresses that it needs to be done so that a person has options and isn’t stuck enduring the current systems that don’t favor them. Thanks for all you are sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much for this comment!! More than any other interview we have had before I think this one really reminded us of how important the initial steps into tackling your money are. It seems like just yesterday when we first listened to Motley Fool podcasts and started investing, and started losing our fear of money. Back then in 2005, it seemed damn near impossible to find voices that we could relate to, from diverse people. We looked all around hoping to find women, people of color, and LGBT+ people who were talking specifically about the importance of making personal finance and investing an accessible and inclusive system that we can help each other tackle. We are so grateful to see things evolving in our own corner of the personal finance universe. And we really want to support other people in their own financial education process and in following whatever their paths might be towards financial independence!!


    • Hi Sara. Thanks for your comment, and your interest in helping the LGBT+ community. I’m working on a post now on this topic, so hopefully that will be helpful for you. It’s clear that members of the LGBT+ community are more prone to being kicked out as kids and disinherited by their parents. LGBT+ people also tend to have a harder time getting high paying jobs and competing for raises and promotions. It can also be harder for LGBT+ people to get help in banks with things like loans, and so on. These types of issues are often much more problematic in conservative parts of the US vs more liberal parts of the US, but these issues can occur anywhere. It also seems like these types of issues are experienced more often today by Trans people vs cisgendered white gay men, as an example. So that’s a smidge of what I’ve learned so far. More info to come. I’d love to hear a little bit about your story if you’re willing to share anything.


  2. Awesome interview. Really enjoyed it. The topics covered were all so important and relevant to the early retired/international travel lifestyle. I have read Motley Fool articles here and there over the years, but have never really delved very deeply into what they are about. This has encouraged me to take a closer look at their content. You ladies did an awesome job and you are an inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey that means a lot to us. Thank you!! Motley Fool really played a big role in helping us learn how to invest, and in our financial education process as well. So we love recommending their content to others, especially to people who are either new to investing or interested in individual stock investing. We have also really enjoyed watching Motley Fool evolve and grow over the years, they just keep getting better!


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